Saying no can sometimes be a daunting task, that can have a lot of guilt and un easiness tied to it. We collected a few ways to make it easy for you to say NO! and actually stick with it.

  1. When presented with an opportunity or request, ask yourself:
    • Do I have the bandwidth for this?
    • Can I show up for this fully? Can I deliver 100%?
    • Am I saying yes out of obligation or inspiration?
  2. It is better to delay a decision than rush a yes you will regret. You can acknowledge a request without committing prematurely. A response like «this deserves my full attention, I will circle back to make sure I can give it my full attention» can communicate this clearly.
  3. If torn between a yes and and a no, ask yourself: Am I doing this to be liked? or Do I truly feel it’s the right thing to do? will future me be happy about saying yes to this even if I don’t fully feel like it in the moment?
  4. Remember being nice, doesn’t mean saying yes. when you really mean no. Creating clear boundaries is one of the nicest things you can do for people in your life and for yourself. An honest No is better than an ingenue yes.
  5. Your No doesn’t need  a long explanation. You don’t need to rationalise a healthy boundary to someone who values your self care. Saying “No” to someone or something also means saying yes to yourself. and that’s okay.
  6. If you are not able to show up for someone you care about, offer alternatives if possible – this doesn’t mean that you don’t care. Sometimes its better to use your energy coming up with creative solutions than to show up give 50%
  7. Fully showing up for yourself allows you to better show up for others. When you give what you don’t have will result into you becoming resentful over time. Come from a place of wholeness and you will be able to give people the care and attention they need.

We hope You find some of these tips useful! feel free to share anymore you might have with us.


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