Have you ever found yourself in a conversation/argument with someone and you realised you could hardly wait for them to finish talking so you can talk?
Sometimes… you’re in an argument and you are sure your counter point is to good that you don’t even see the point in listening to what they have got to say? anyone?
For those of us that fall victim to this, here are some few pointers to help us listen better!

how to listen
Photo by Hian Oliveira on Unsplash
  1. Limit Distractions (I was watching the the CEOs of google amazon FB and Apple testify in the senate and my wife came home from work and immediately jumped into telling me about her day…i tried allocating one eye and one ear to her and the other eye and ear to screen.. and when that didn’t work –  I explained to her that it was important for me to listen to these gentlemen answer questions – I could learn something that would turn me into an astounding success which was in her best interest :)) she allowed me to finish watching – we then took a walk outside where she now had my full attention and she took it from the top!)
  2. Ask follow up questions before rushing to make your point
  3. View disagreements as opportunities to grow
  4. Be open to changing your mind when receiving new information, even if it makes you uncomfortable
  5. Listen to learn. Even if what you are hearing contradicts your current view of the world
  6. Resist the urge to make it about you
  7. Be more interested in understanding others than being understood
  8. Admit when you are wrong. Your ego wants you to be right. Your higher self wants you to evolve

This is not an exhaustive list? what other pointers can you share with us? do so in the comment section below! Thank you for watching! catch you on the next one.


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