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Subcutaneous fat does not leave from only a certain place in the body (for example, from the abdomen, thighs, arms, etc.), but gradually from the whole body. And for each person, it happens differently. Often, fat is removed first from those places where it has been deposited recently. You’ve probably noticed that for some, the problem area is the abdomen, and for some, the hips or upper body. Therefore, you should not expect that fat will quickly go away in these areas. If in the process of gaining fat you develop a pot belly, then this will be the last place that the fat leaves.

Various procedures: wraps, massages, baths, etc. – have nothing to do with fat breakdown. Yes, they are good! They normalize blood flow in adipose tissues and improve microcirculation. But they will not rid you of fat.

Breaking fat does not mean destroying it.
Lipolysis is the breakdown of triglyceride into free fatty acid molecules and glycerol. We can use fat as fuel for muscle work, for example.

Remember, it is impossible to get rid of excess adipose tissue without some effort on your part.
Stop looking for magic pills, secret methods, workouts, and exercises with the help of which you will supposedly quickly lose weight, get rid of your stomach and flabby hips.


Some believe that fat is converted to muscle during exercise, while others believe that it comes out naturally with digested food or turns into energy. And these are the most common myths.

Let’s figure it out!
We know that we only lose weight when we are in a calorie deficit. So, when we create a deficit, the body lacks energy. Therefore, with the help of hormones, it releases fatty acids from fat cells and removes them into the blood. Next, you need to use the released fatty acids. How can we do this? Of course – move more.
Also, in order for fat to leave us, it must be oxidized with oxygen. Under the influence of oxygen, it breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, simultaneously releasing energy.
Energy is used for the body’s work. Carbon dioxide is excreted through the lungs, water through breathing, sweat, and urine.

Remember that the fat cells themselves do not disappear anywhere. They just get smaller. And if you overeat, they will fill up again.

📌 Simple tips to losing weight the right way:

  • Eat efficiently and rationally
  • Maintain your calorie intake and a reasonable deficit
  • Move more
  • Strengthen muscles/exercise
  • Have patience
    And everything will work out! And the reflection in the mirror will delight you!

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